Simple Loot Idle

Simple Loot Idle is an unblocked clicker game where you fight with various monsters by clicking. When you defeat them, they will drop their loot. Take them to use them against other creatures. As you eliminate monsters, your character will level up and be more resilient. Remember to upgrade features to get better in this idle game!

How to Play Simple Loot Idle

When you enter the game, you will see two health bars right in the middle. The upper health bar is yours. The other one shows your opponent’s health. When you drop one creature’s health bar to zero, you will encounter a new one. You will face many kinds of creatures in this thrilling clicker game. This process will continue until your bar reaches zero. Try to last as long as you can and achieve the highest levels. If you are ready, start clicking!

You vs. Monsters

Goblins, zombies, dragons, werewolves, and even pigs will welcome you! You will battle with them. When you level up, your foes’ levels will increase as well. As you get stronger, they will get stronger, too. Your and their health capacity will also directly advance. Don’t forget to use the best items you have acquired to your benefit!

The Loot Section

From time to time, the monster you have eliminated will drop items. The strength of these items varies depending on the level of your foe. Items will automatically take place in your inventory. Equip the best ones among them and sell the rest. You will get coins in this way. In addition, useless items will not take up unnecessary space in your inventory.

Upgrade Your Power

You can see the upgrade section on the left side of the screen. You have many upgrade options listed here. Use the coins you get from selling items to upgrade the features. They will enhance your gaming experience effectively. We will list some of the upgrade options below for you.

  • Loot Chance
  • Custom Start
  • Show Better Loot
  • Autorestart
  • Autosell Bad Loot


  • Click: To sword icon to fight.


Simple Loot Idle was developed by denisolenison.

What is More?

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Simple Loot Idle Unblocked