Nova Idle Clicker

Nova Idle Clicker is an arcade scroller pong game where you need to control a paddle in order to launch the balls within the screen. Hit the blocks until they disappear. Every block has a specific number of hits. They have different colors, so make sure you get all the blocks, as they are coming downwards the screen.

In the upgrade section, you can set the blocks' speed. Whether you prefer low or fast, get rid of all of them. To increase the points, you can upgrade the offline earning, tap, damage, max ball numbers,
ball damage, ball speed and fire rate. Complete the levels to get big rewards. Some quests need to be unlocked. Reach the 16 levels and use boosters. Examples of boosters: penta earnings ( get 5x more money for 2 minutes), collect money ( get a huge amount of money) and tap booster ( 5x tap damage for 1 minute).

What are the main features of Nova Idle Clicker Unblocked?
Nova Idle Clicker has impressive graphics that bring the nostalgia of pong games to new life!
The special boosters help in making damage faster. 
There is the possibility of playing endless hours and completing interesting levels.
The game action is set in a virtual space.

How to play Nova Idle Clicker Unblocked?
Touch to aim and shoot or Tap on the blocks to pop them.
Upgrade your stats and use Boosters to reach higher levels
Don't let the blocks reach the bottom!

Nova Idle Clicker Unblocked Game