Do you want to learn the first rule of business life? "Invest or die". Dive into the business world in the Idle Restaurant game. Open your business, hire your staff, and manage this place. Soon, your restaurant will be printing money. Invest in upgrades to earn more and more. Don’t waste your income. Reinvest so you will stay caught up with your competitors. 

What is “Idle Restaurant”?

Idle Restaurant is an unblocked business strategy game that you can play on your browser for free. In this unblocked idle game, you will learn how to manage a restaurant successfully while having fun. 

How to Play “Idle Restaurant”?

  • In this Idle Restaurant, you will begin with a small diner.
  • You need to open the kitchen and hire staff first.
  • Since your kitchen is upstairs, you need a fast elevator to serve your customers fast enough.
  • Hire qualified managers for every floor you open.
  • The faster you serve, the more income it will bring.
  • Level up your departments, including restaurant, elevator and kitchen, simultaneously so that no department falls behind another in its speed. 
  • Keep in mind that higher floors will bring better income, but also they are more costly to level up. The same logic applies also to the levels. The higher the level, the more expensive it is to level up.
  • If you plan your growth and invest wisely, this restaurant will work like a clock.

Read the Numbers

  • Before investing money to level up, you should learn to read the numbers.
  • You will see how much extra income, kitchen speed, transportation capacity, and walking speed of the staff the investment brings.
  • Consider all the aspects to determine if the cost is worth your investment.

Boosts in Idle Restaurant

You can make use of boosts to speed up the business. Click on the bolt icon to select among boosters. You can buy more boosters in the shop with the diamonds. Or you can watch a short ad to get one. When you use a booster, you can see how much time is left until the booster runs out at the bottom of your screen.

Manage Your Employees

  • Click on the spoon and fork icon to view all your managers. You can then view a full report on their experience level, speed, and available boosts. 
  • Some managers have special abilities for speed, while some are great at decreasing costs. When the boost icon for that manager turns green, click on it to boost up that manager.
  • If you are unsatisfied with a manager's performance, you can click on it to unassign. You can sell your unassigned managers in this section. Then you can assign somebody else who is more capable.


Use your cursor to navigate in Idle Restaurant.

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Idle Restaurant Unblocked