Dino Chaos Idle is an unblocked idle game where you resurrect dinosaurs underground and unleash them to the earth so that they can create chaos. You will need to work with scientists. They will help you to resurrect different types of dinosaurs. Each of them has their own formula for resurrecting. Hire scientists and start sending dinos to the world in one of the craziest clicker games! 🧬

How to Play Dino Chaos Idle

Big Boss asked Mad Lad to create a resurrection machine. The doctor fulfilled the boss's request, and the machine is now ready. Dinosaurs need to be resurrected by continuing work underground here. You need to activate the excavator by clicking on it. Otherwise, the excavation will not take place. It is possible to automate this process. And for that, you'll need scientists. Their formulas and efforts are essential keys to this work.

  • Get your rewards for the tasks you have completed by coming to the Quests section.
  • Experience different things in your lab by using various core boosters from the Core Inventory section. You can get core boosters from the Daily Rewards area.
  • Come to the map area, and you will see different territories. When you reach enough coins, you can unlock a new territory and bring chaos to another region.

Resurrect Dinos

In order for Doctor Mad Lad to revive the dinosaurs, you need to collect dinosaur bones from underground. Then, he will send them back to the world using his special machine. Hire scientists to head your laboratories. It is necessary to leave the job to the masters!

Upgrade Laboratories

The dinosaur will cause greater destruction if you upgrade your lab. Of course, you'll get paid extra for it. Additionally, as you level up the resurrection machine, you can unlock new laboratories and discover different types of dinosaurs. In this way, each laboratory works with a different type of dino and works with a scientist with special expertise in that species.


  • Resurrect dinosaurs by using your mouse click.

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Dino Chaos Idle Unblocked