Idle Mining Empire

You are about to build and manage a virtual mining empire with Idle Mining Empire. As an ambitious owner, you must teach your workers to extract more valuable resources. One worker will dig for minerals, the second will be in the elevator and the third will transport the extractions to the warehouse.

You will begin to buy the first mineshaft. Your first mineshaft produced coal. Tap on the worker to move the elevator down. Transfer the coal to our warehouse. Upgrade the mineshaft to produce more coal. If you have enough money, press the upgrade button to increase the total extraction level, walking speed, mining speed and worker capacity. You can hire managers to automate every process. Doing this helps to generate passive income when you're away.
Make sure you upgrade the level of the elevator. Increase the load, movement and loading speed. Upgrade the warehouse to make more space to store resources.
Remember to collect the idle income. The idle income is the amount of money your workers generate per second when you are not actively playing. Once you return to the game, you can collect the income and it will be added to your total cash. 

Get ready to dig into the mining world to create valuable resources and sell them further. Your workers will help you achieve your dream of building a big mining empire.

Idle Mining Empire Unblocked