Idle Dev Startup is an unblocked idle game where the player, being a software developer, tries to develop apps and sell them as a business venture. This company endeavor will involve starting from scratch in every aspect. So, you have to be patient until the business develops. You will be very excited to see your startup slowly grow!

How to Play Idle Dev Startup

There is an enormous amount of work to be done. It can be challenging to create something from scratch. But, you can effectively handle tasks through good management. Creating an app is where you'll start. In the future, as you write code and earn money, you will be able to open new tiers. Hiring new employees will speed up your work a lot.

Hiring Employees

The most effective way to grow a business and speed up the work is to hire employees. Since you won't have much income in the beginning, you can progress by getting interns. In this way, they will gain experience, and you will gain support. A total win-win situation!

Elevate Your Employees' Mood

Having employees in good spirits means doing more productive work. Give your employees breaks from time to time. Give them the opportunity to relieve their stress at foosball at work. You can follow their mood from the bar at the top right of the game screen. If this bar is low, it's time to let them have some fun.

Growing the Business

You will see a few icons at the bottom of the game screen. You can take steps to grow your company by using these areas. Don't forget to read the little information below each upgrade to see what each improvement and development you make for your business will give you.

  • When you press the first icon, you come to the Workplace Budget section. This contains upgrades you can make to increase your coding speed. The more code you write, the more you earn.
  • The second icon is the Release App Version section. Here, you will find different app versions, such as revision and build. The improvements you make here will increase your idle income.
  • The third icon is the Service Scaling section. We can say that these upgrades are more of a marketing strategy. From here, you can start an advertising campaign and get SEO optimization for recognition, etc.
  • The last icon is the Employee Placement section. In this section, you can hire employees from interns to solution architects. Remember that you will need the best team to improve the quality of your work!


  • Since this is an idle game, you can write code by just using the mouse click and pressing on the employees.

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