Are you ready to shape the destiny of the world? Religious Idle is an unblocked idle game where you have the opportunity to start a new religious moment. You have to introduce your philosophy to the world and gain followers.

In this clicker game, you can have the power to transform this movement into a new religion with the donations of your followers and the tithes. Forge a new faith and guide your followers to enlightenment!

Basics of Religious Idle

  • Start with recruiting followers from your relatives. Click on the "Recruit Followers" button to see that they join your movement.
  • When you get a specific number of followers, you can name your religion and its deity.
  • Over time, people will hear your philosophy, and more people will want to join you.
  • Adopt the principle that unity is strength, and take as many people as possible.

Donations of Your Followers

The most crucial thing in this idle game is your followers' donations. With that money, you can make your voice heard by more crowds. Acquire tithes from each follower.

Use the money to create gatherings, shrines, and houses of worship. Such spaces will allow you to more profoundly announce this religion to the world. We will leave you the names of the constitutions you can create.

  • Gathering Spot
  • Shrine
  • House of Worship
  • Mega Temple
  • Divine Monument

Assign Your Zealots

Your religious buildings will need recruiters, fundraisers, preachers and crusaders as you make progress. You need to assign zealots to these specific tasks.

For example, every House of Worship, Mega Temple and Divine Monument you build will need a preacher. Without a preacher, those buildings have no meaning.

  • Recruiters: Enable you to recruit 1% more followers.
  • Fundraisers: Earn you extra tithe money per follower.
  • Preacher: Preach people in larger buildings.
  • Crusaders: Help you to find valuable ancient relics.

Use the Ancient Relics

The relics your crusaders have found will let you conduct a census of the religion, control your zealots well, and get doubled Crusade XP.

They will also double the number of relics the Crusaders are after. Furthermore, they can increase the number of zealots and the income the tithes produce.

You can find the names of the Relics below.

  • Defendit Numerus
  • Labor Omnia Vincit
  • Gaudia Certaminis
  • Aurum Potestas Est
  • Tempus Edax Rerum


Desktops and Computers

  • Left-Click: To Recruit Followers

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen buttons to recruit followers.


Kodiqi developed the Religious Idle.

What is Next?

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For more game options, look for other unblocked idle games at Unblocked Games FreezeNova. If you have any suggestions or wishlist, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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