Raft Wars is an unblocked shooting game where you and your little brother Simon face the pirates, gangs and vikings trying to steal precious treasure from you. You two found a valuable treasure, and now you have become the targets of these bad guys. You must defend yourselves by shooting tennis balls at the enemies in this war game!

How to Play Raft Wars

You and Simon are on a raft on the sea. You have your enemies on the opposite side. They are there to steal the treasure. You will be exposed to their attacks. You must defend yourselves by shooting tennis balls at them. Use your mouse to aim. Perform strategic shots to make them fall into the sea or drop their health bar to zero. It is the only way you can get rid of them. You can't let them steal the treasure, no matter what!

Avoid Getting Knocked Out

As you try to get rid of them by making them fall into the sea, your enemies will not remain idle either. They will send balls, grenades and other stuff to make you stumble. If any object comes into contact with you or Simon, you may fall off the float. That's why moving to a more sheltered float is of great importance.

Get Grenades and Rockets

  • You will gain credits as you eliminate the vikings, pirates, and other bad guys. 
  • Keep in mind that the quicker you knock enemies into the water, the more credit you earn.
  • Use them to get grenades and rockets, as you will need these weapons. In later levels, your enemies will increase in number and strength.
  • So, you will need more potent weapons. There needs to be more than the tennis balls to send them to sea properly.
  • One precise hit may allow you to wipe most foes out of their sanctuary.

Upgrade the Raft

Upgrading your raft is also very beneficial for you to last attacks. Also, upgrading it can get you a new warrior. In this way, your float will become more resistant to attacks, and you will have another soldier to help you.


  • Mouse: To aim and shoot
  • Touchscreen: For mobile devices


Raft Wars was developed by Martijn Kunst.

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Raft Wars Unblocked