Paper Minecraft Scratch

Are you ready to try Paper Minecraft? Welcome to the pixel world where your main job is crafting and surviving.  
How can I play the game?
You are free to explore the unknown world. Enjoy endless possibilities to find resources, craft tools and build structures. Get in touch with the colorful environment and familiarize yourself with the simple gameplay.  
You can start activities like mining, collecting resources, farming and taking care of the animals. Let the character choose his own path to create an unforgettable experience. 

How many modes can I play?
Be ready for the day and night modes. Most of the dangers can appear at night. Keep in mind that it’s easier to manage and take care of animals in the daytime. To feel safe, you can build defenses, find hidden treasures and not let anyone put you under threat. You can use intuition and create your own strategy to survive. 

If you miss the original Minecraft, you can learn something new with this version. Pixelated aesthetics will make an accessible reality that encourages creativity and exploration.  
It's a unique way to release a diverse landscape and find the necessary materials for your creative vision. Play now to see how much time you can survive as the Minecraft character.

Paper Minecraft Unblocked