War Of Tanks Paper Note

War Of Tanks Paper Note is an unblocked two player action game where you steer your tank and overcome challenges drawn on paper. There will be soldiers and other machines trying to attack you. Dodge their attacks, pass the laser zones and declare victory in this thrilling tank war game!

How to Play War Of Tanks Paper Note

  • There are two game modes that this action game offers you: 1 Player and 2 Player. Decide which mode to play and go to the battling arena.
  • You will see many soldiers and tanks waiting to attack you. You must wipe them out individually and pass each section successfully to declare victory.
  • There are 3 sections with 5 targets in the single-player mode. Each time you destroy a target, the lasers turn off, allowing you to move on to the next section.
  • In 2 Player mode, you are free to play with a friend. Tap on the 2P button from the main menu. Decide on the end score, and you are ready for an intense tank war with your buddy.

Power-ups on the Paper Note

You will see power-ups scattered on the paper in each mode. Use these upgrades to your advantage. To use them, you must navigate your machine to the symbols of the power-ups. You have two more boost-up options in the 2 Player mode: Freeze and Laser. You can find the names of these upgrades below.

  • Armor
  • Bigger Bullets
  • Triple Shots
  • Freeze
  • Laser Inactivation
  • Repair
  • Laser
  • Rocket

Directing the Tank

You can steer your tank in the 4 directions. You can also move diagonally by pressing both directions at the same time. The machine can only fire in the direction it is facing. So, you must give it a proper direction to aim well at the targets. As it moves, it may get shot. Don’t forget to check your vehicle’s health bar at the top of the screen. When it drops to zero, the game is over.


1 Player

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Space Key: Shoot
  • R Key: Restart

2 Player

Purple Tank

  • WASD Keys: Move
  • Space Key: Shoot
  • R Key: Restart

Green Tank

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • M Key: Shoot
  • R Key: Restart


War Of Tanks Paper Note was developed by neplingamestudio.

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War Of Tanks Paper Note Unblocked