Stick Battle is an unblocked 2 player game where the two stickman warriors fight with each other in medieval times. You must keep your stickman in balance to fight well. Master navigating your ragdoll with only two buttons and beat your enemy. Perform five scores and be the winner of the medieval age in this stickman game!

How to Play Stick Battle

  • Two stickmen in medieval times… They will fight with each other. Each of them has stick weapons belonging to that age.
  • The blue one has a long spear, and the other has a sword. Remember that the weapons they will have may change in the following rounds.
  • Both are moving on a board with two wheels. It is very challenging to control the board.
  • The key to success in this 2 player game is navigating the board and eliminating the rival 5 times.

Navigate the Board

It is time to duel with the blue stickman. It will do whatever it can to get rid of you. Control your ragdoll using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Your character moves on a two-wheeled board. One of its wheels is bigger than the other, so the board does not move very straight. You must keep it in balance.

Work on the Upper Body

You can play the game in 1 player mode, in which you battle against AI. Or you can challenge your friend in 2-player mode. The choice is yours. But whoever you are fighting, focus on your enemy's upper body. The head area is the critical point. One blow to the head, and you get the scores!


1 Player (orange stickman)

  • Left: Left Arrow
  • Right: Right Arrow

2 Player

The Blue Stickman

  • Left: A
  • Right: D

The Orange Stickman

  • Left: Left Arrow
  • Right: Right Arrow

Mobile Devices

  • Use the relevant arrow buttons on the screen.


Stick Battle was developed by neplingamestudio.

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Stick Battle Unblocked