Drunken Duel is an unblocked 2 player game where you, as a ragdoll, try to shoot your enemy, who cannot move. He is waiting for you across the table. Both of you will try to hit each other by firing your guns. Reduce the health bar of your enemy to zero to eliminate him. The one who moves fast wins in this stickman game!

How to Play Drunken Duel

You will find yourself in a room divided in two: orange and blue. The stickmen stand up near each side. These dummy creatures are drunk, so they can’t move properly. All you can do is fire the gun. You can control your character’s arm by firing the weapon. Shooting is free after the countdown. Aiming well and shooting at the right time are crucial points to progress in this shooting game. The first one to get 5 stars wins.

The Orange Stickman

If you are playing as a single player, your stickman is orange. Use the upper arrow key to make him fire the gun. The best way to perform precise aiming is to make the arms of the character move by shooting. It is the only way to make him move. Remember that hitting the enemy, the blue stickman, on the head directly takes his soul from his body.

Duel with a Friend

You can play the game in 2-player mode with a friend of yours. This time, you can be the blue stickman or the orange one, as you wish. It is up to you to decide. Dueling with your friend can be very challenging. Try to drop the health bar of your friend’s character to zero and get your stars. When you reach 5 stars, you win the competition!


1 Player Mode

  • Up Arrow Key or Click: Shoot

2 Player Mode

Orange Player (right)

  • Up Arrow Key: Shoot

Blue Player (left)

  • W Key: Shoot

Mobile Devices

  • Touchscreen: Shoot


Drunken Duel is developed by neplingamestudio.

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Drunken Duel Unblocked