Total Recoil is an unblocked shooting game where you fight with robots in the heart of a factory. There will be many walking-metals coming for you. Their intentions are not good. They will try to attack you. Before they eliminate you, you must destroy them one by one. Perform stunts and shoot them in mid-air in this thrilling action game!

How to Play Total Recoil

  • You will find your soldier in a factory. There is no one here but you and the evil robots who will attack you.
  • You must survive among them. Use your gun and eliminate each one. You can use the Left and Right arrow keys to shoot them. Or, use your Left and Right click to fire.
  • All you have to do is use the relevant key in which direction you want to shoot. When you fire, your soldier will jump in the opposite direction you fired the gun.
  • Don’t forget to collect coins and stars dropped from the robots!

Watch for Rockets!

Robots are not the only creatures that want to attack you! Beware of the exclamation marks. From time to time, you will see rockets flying in the air and coming towards you. If they hit you, the game is over. Like robots, they are your enemy. Wipe them out from the factory. Avoid getting in touch with rockets and robots.

Collect the Stars and Coins

Passing a level is one thing; passing a level with a three-star ranking is another thing in this shooting game. You have 30 challenging levels to overcome. Each comes with a unique difficulty.

When you shoot a robot or rocket, you will see coins and stars dropped from them. You can collect them by jumping over them. While the coins enable you to get new and powerful soldiers, the stars will allow you to pass the levels with a three-star ranking.

Get New Soldiers

Getting a new soldier is a must in the game. As you make progress, you will encounter more powerful enemies in the factory. To be able to fight with them, your soldier must also be vital. Go to the Shop section by clicking on the dollar icon from the pause menu. We will list a few soldiers and their features for you below.

  • Mad: He has 2 shots, 1 live and 2 jumps. Unlock him with 15 coins.
  • Johnny B.: He has 3 shots, 2 lives and 2 jumps. Unlock him with 30 coins.
  • Red: She has 1 shot, 2 lives and 2 jumps. Unlock her with 50 coins.


  • Left Arrow Key: Shoot left
  • Right Arrow Key: Shoot right
  • Left and Right Click: Shoot in the desired direction
  • Touchscreen: Tap on the relevant direction to shoot on mobile and tablet devices.


Total Recoil is developed by QKY Game Studio.

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Total Recoil Unblocked