Battle Royale Simulator

All masked and prepared to land on a field where you find weapons and play against AI.

Run for your life and be willing to explore. Curiosity goes hand in hand with good preparation so, in order to put you next into an arena, we recommend this simulator.

Battle Royale Simulator is a good trainer for more complicated and complex games out there. So take advantage of this opportunity. The game is well-designed with awesome graphics. We urge you to engage in this battle and be the fighter you’ve always wanted to be. Does that sound good to you?

How to play Battle Royale Simulator:
WASD or arrow keys to move
Left mouse click to shoot
Right mouse click to aim
E to show weapons menu
1,2,3 to change weapon
G to throw grenade
Space to jump
Escape or tab to pause

Batlle Royale Simulator Unblocked