Getting Over It Scratch

Getting Over It is a game where you are presented to a funny cat character that is equipped with a hammer. The objective is to help the character navigate a tricky landscape with obstacles and hillsides. To do that, you will have to use the mouse to control the swinging motion of the hammer and strategically get moving the character forward and upward.

You will need to prove you have patience and precision to plan the movements. Master how you swing the hammer to grab onto objects and platforms to complete the levels.Take enough speed to climb on the angles with the help of the hammer.
It would help if you got used to maneuvering the hammer swings to grab into the right spots and maintain a stable grip.Remember that one wrong move can send the character back to start.

The minimalist design will make the players strive to upgrade the skills and reach new records during the gameplay. Each successful climb confirms a new experience and determination to continue the progress. Getting Over It can be entertaining for many players with dexterity and the ability to overcome complex challenges. Play now and get over every obstacle to keep the cat safe.

Getting Over It Unblocked