The Farmer Craft follows the survival craft concept, except it features the ever-popular farmer theme! Your job is to be a farmer who lives in the forest, where you must take care of animals and obtain the tools for survival. 

You are provided with a home and many animals, such as pigs, cows, chickens, rabbits and a horse. Maintain great living conditions for the animals and take care of the annual production. You need to do a lot of work and fulfill tasks like garnering the wheat, collecting chicken eggs and riding the horse. 

After you spend some time working as a farmer, you will make a lot of progress and gain resources such as wood and stone to craft tools and build structures. You have the possibility to plant crops, which is useful to feed your animals. 

But you also need to defend your farm from threats and dangerous situations such as wild animals and natural disasters. In order to possess the right tool, you can craft weapons and build fences and other defense structures.

The Farmer Craft is the best simulator for farming gameplay that offers the freedom to create your land. You can build and customize your dream farm full of animals and plantations.
Keep in mind that there will be new challenges and tasks that will make you progress on your skills.

WASD or left mouse click to move
Q/E to rotate camera
Use the mouse to attack, zoom, move, pick up etc.
Inventory: Left click to move item, Right click to use item (equip)
Mouse scroll to zoom-in or zoom-out
C to open left craft menu
Escape to pause game
When riding a horse, press space to dismount
Save game option in pause menu

The Farmer Craft Unblocked