Bullet Master is a 2D shooting game where the player, as a secret agent, tries to eliminate all the enemies. But, the agent has little ammo, so he needs to use his precise aiming skills in order to save his bullets without letting them go to waste. Put on your suit and fight the baddies!

How to Play Bullet Master Unblocked

There are 40 distinct levels in the game. As you advance to each level, challenging obstacles get more intense. The game will only provide you four bullets in the early stages. Use your limited ammunition wisely at the beginning; if you run out, you'll have to face your opponents without a gun.

Shooting the Red Sweaters

The opponent wearing the red sweater will be facing the agent. You and your adversary will encounter various barriers after a particular level. There will be instances where you must mentally calculate how to hit your adversary by bouncing shots off of various obstacles.

Tips for Bullet Master

  • In places where you need to bounce the bullet over obstacles, you can eliminate the obstacle, which means wasting a few bullets. Or you can use your bullets to cause the obstacle to move towards the enemies and crush them.
  • On some levels, you will deal with more than one enemy. The best strategy you can use here is to take out multiple enemies with a single bullet. You can do this specifically by using stone areas.


  • 40 challenging levels to play.
  • Engaging animations that add joy to the gaming experience.
  • Accessible on mobile devices.
  • Unique game physics to deflect bullets.

Can I play Bullet Master on mobile?

You can play the game on your mobile device, desktop, or Chromebook. As long as your internet connection is smooth, you can play this game for free on any device you want, wherever you go.


  • To shoot your opponents, click with your mouse.

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Bullet Master Unblocked