Soccer Masters is an unblocked sports game where you, as a famous European footballer, participate in matches to get the UEFA Euro 2020 trophy. You must kick as many goals as possible to the opposing site’s net. The country that scores the most wins the trophy! You will love playing matches in this soccer game. 🏆

How to Play Soccer Masters

  • You can play the game solo against the CPU, or you can play with your friend. From the menu, choose your preferred game mode.
  • You may create quick matches, participate in tournaments, or do friendly matches. The choice is yours!
  • Before the match, select your favorite team among European countries such as Spain, Germany, Portugal and Türkiye.
  • You may also choose the opposing team’s country.
  • If everything is ready, the soccer pitch is waiting for you!

Game Modes in Soccer Masters

Three unique game modes are Quick Match, Friendly Match and Tournament. You can play each mode solo vs. the CPU or with a friend of yours. You can even choose the 2vs2 options and challenge the CPU players side by side with your friend. Or you can challenge your friend by putting him on the opposite team.

Special Abilities of Footballers

Every football team has two players offered to you. Each of the players has different kinds of abilities to perform during a match. These abilities are the SuperShot and the Teleport. The SuperShot enables the player to make a strong kick, and Teleport creates a portal and allows the player to fast travel near the goal.


Single Player Controls

  • Use the Left, Right and Upper arrow keys to move.
  • Use the Down arrow key to slide.
  • Use the Z key to supershot.
  • Use the X key to shoot.

2-Player Controls

Player 1

  • Use the W, A, and D keys to move.
  • Use the S key to slide.
  • Use the V key to supershot.
  • Use the B key to shoot.

Player 2

  • Use the Left, Right and Upper arrow keys to move.
  • Use the Down arrow key to slide.
  • Use the K key to supershot.
  • Use the L key to shoot.

What is More?

If you enjoy playing Soccer Masters, you may also try Head Soccer 2022. Decide which renowned player you will make matches with and go to the football field in the game. You have only 45 seconds for each match. Use your time wisely and kick a goal as many as you can!

For further options, you may look up other unblocked sports games at Unblocked Games FreezeNova by following the link. Share your gaming experience with us in the comment section below!

Soccer Masters Unblocked