Asian Cup Soccer is an unblocked sports game where you engage in matches as a footballer and a goalkeeper in the shoes of Asian soccer teams. Choose your beloved team among many prominent clubs, perform kicks, and defend the ball sent by your opponent. A real challenge awaits you on the football field in this skill game!⚽

How to Play Asian Cup Soccer

  • Welcome to the Asian Cup 2023! You will take part in intense matches in Asian lands.
  • Your first task is deciding which football club you will play with.
  • Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, China and UAE teams are at your disposal!
  • Choose your beloved club and blow the wind in the desert!
  • You will perform kicks and try to score as many goals as possible in the sports game.
  • On the other hand, you are responsible for catching the balls thrown by your opponent.

Set the Direction, Height and Curve

To be able to perform the best shots, you must practice precise aiming in three different aspects. The first thing is to determine the direction the ball will go. Then, you need to set the height well. The ball should neither go too high nor too low. The final thing is to curve your shots. The most essential part is curving, as this performance decides on whether the shot will be a goal or not. You need to surprise the goalkeeper!

The Gloves

You will take turns with your opponent. You will shoot the ball respectively. When the turn is on your opponent, you must save the kick no matter what. Tap on the gloves icon to defend it. Your opponents will get a goal score if you fail to receive the ball. To get the cup, you must score the most points and save every single shot of your opponent.


  • Left-Click: Set Direction, Height and Curve
  • Tap on the Gloves: Defend
  • Touchscreen: for Mobile Devices


Asian Cup Soccer was developed by Deusx.

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Asian Cup Soccer Unblocked