Fish Soccer is an unblocked 2 player game where you navigate a goldfish and try to send goals to the castle of your rival's side. It is a football match between two animals. Yes, you heard right! It is not an ordinary soccer game. Try to score as many goals as possible to the other side before 60 seconds are up!

How to Play Fish Soccer

You have two mode options in this soccer game: 1 Player and 2 Player. Make your choice and go to the field underwater. You are playing as a goldfish. If you decide to play in 1P, you are directing the blue one. A CPU controls the orange one. In the 2P mode, you may determine what fish you will play as. Directing the animal is the golden key to making scores. But it won't be easy!

Direct the Fish Well

Navigating your footballer is not easy. You must push the ball to the goal, but it can easily slide. We recommend you move forward to the ball cautiously. When you are close to it, try to smash the ball using your tail. As directing your character is a little challenging, you can play mainly in defense mode rather than as an attacker. But don't hesitate to score a goal whenever you get the opportunity!

Aquatic Allies Around You

When you reach the football field, you will see two little fish of the same color as yours assisting you. When you send the ball near the other side's net, your little ones can help you score a goal by hitting it. The same goes for your opponent. It has little creatures, too. You can drop a food pellet by pressing the P key to distract its fellows.

Feed the Fish or Watch the Match

You can feed the fish by tapping on the relevant section. They are waiting for you to drop food pellets for them to grow. Use your mouse click to sprinkle pellets. The game also allows you to watch a match. If you don't want to engage in a game but still want to join one, this option is made for you.


1 Player (right side)

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • P Key: Feed the opponent

2 Player

The Blue Fish (right side)

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • P Key: Feed the opponent

The Orange Fish (left side)

  • WASD Keys: Move
  • T Key: Feed the opponent


Fish Soccer was developed by neplingamestudio.

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Fish Soccer Unblocked