Super Soccer Noggins

Get ready for heart-pounding football action! Super Soccer Noggins is an unblocked sports game in which you will take part in various soccer pitches on behalf of your favorite national team.

Pick your favorite country and represent it on the football field. Engage in tournaments against the AI-controlled players or challenge yourself with a friend in Local 2 Players mode in this soccer game!


1 Player

  • Up Arrow: Jump
  • Left-Right Arrows: Steer Left and Right
  • Down Arrow/X/Spacebar: Kick

2 Players

Player 1

  • Up Arrow: Jump
  • Left-Right Arrows: Steer Left and Right
  • Down Arrow: Kick

Player 2

  • W: Jump
  • A-D Keys: Steer Left and Right
  • S: Kick

How to Play Super Soccer Noggins

  • Whether you are playing in tournaments or against a friend, the first thing to do is to choose your national football team from various countries.
  • The countries you can select are Poland, Russia, England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France and Netherlands.
  • After the selection, you will play as one of the renowned football players of the nationality you choose.
  • Steer your footballer from left to right and kick the ball to your opponent’s goal to score when you find the proper moment.
  • Be the top scorer and write your name in golden letters in every match and all tournaments. Or defeat your friend in each duel!

Le Croissant Cup

If you want to participate in the tournaments, start with the Le Croissant Cup. You will be matched with various countries one by one. Each match you win will take you one step further to get the cup.

Each tournament has 8 matches. You must be the top scorer to successfully complete the tournament you participate in. We have listed the names of the tournaments in Super Soccer Noggins below!

  • Le Croissant Cup
  • Pinata Trophy
  • Hei Tiki Taka Cup
  • Golden Skull Cup
  • Ruby Merman Cup
  • Hellfire Trophy

Local 2 Players

Grab your friend near you to challenge him on various football pitches. Local 2 Players will allow you to hold challenging matches with your friend. Before entering the field, both of you must select a national team.

Additionally, don’t forget to set the rush, backtrack, jump and kick power of your footballers. Then, choose the match mode and the type of football field to play. And finally, you are ready to duel!


RavalMatic developed Super Soccer Noggins.

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Super Soccer Noggins Unblocked