Head Soccer 2022 is an unblocked arcade game where you play football matches versus CPU or with a friend as a famous footballer head. You may choose your footballer among the renowned players from different countries. Your main aim is to try to score as many goals as you can. The player with the most scores at the end of a head soccer match wins this sports game! ⚽

How to Play Head Soccer 2022

The first thing to do is decide whether you want to play against the CPU or challenge yourself with a friend of yours. Select your game mode from the menu according to your choice. Then, you will see many football characters on a table. Renowned footballers from Argentina, America, Brazil, Spain, etc. Choose your favorite head and go to the football field. May the best man win!

You vs. CPU

  • If you want to train yourself by dueling with the CPU, go ahead and have fun!
  • Tap on the 1P Arcade mode from the game mode selection menu, and it will direct you to the characters table.
  • Our favorite player is Lionel Messi from Argentina. Try to score goals in his or any other famous character’s shoes against a random character the CPU chooses.
  • The difficulty level increases as you win matches and progress through the phases.
  • Remember that you have only 45 seconds in this mode.

2P Versus - Match Against a Friend

  • Playing a head soccer match with someone you know may be extremely enjoyable!
  • Click on the 2P Versus button from the mode selection to compete with your friend.
  • Both of you need to select a character from the characters’ table. Use the WASD keys to switch between characters as Player 1. Likewise, your friend must use arrow keys.
  • You are given 60 seconds in 2-player mode.


P1 Controls

  • To move the character, use the WASD keys.
  • To shoot the ball, use the N and M keys.

P2 Controls

  • To move the character, use the Arrow keys.
  • To shoot the ball, use the 1 and 2 number keys.

1 Player Arcade

  • To move the characters, use the Arrow keys.
  • To shoot the ball, use the Z and X keys.

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Head Soccer 2022 Unblocked