Welcome to the chess duel! Master Chess is an unblocked board game where you use your strategic skills and chess knowledge in order to be the winner of this game. You can play Master Chess with a friend or against AI. The choice is yours. If you are ready, let's take you to the chessboard. Let's see who will win?

How to Play Master Chess

Just decide whether you want to play with a friend or against artificial intelligence, choose the difficulty level and start the game! That's all you have to do. You will see stars at the bottom of the screen where you select the game mode. 3 stars is the hardest level.

Basics of Chess

In order to enjoy playing any chess game, it is beneficial for the player to have basic chess knowledge. Below we have provided you with some information about the direction in which the chess pieces can move.

  • The King can only move one square. But it is free to move in the direction it wants.
  • The Queen is freer than the King. Because it can move as many squares as it wants in any direction.
  • Rooks can move vertically or horizontally as many squares as they want.
  • Bishops can only move diagonally.
  • Unlike other pieces, Knights can move forward by drawing an L shape.
  • Pawns can only move forward one square at a time, except for the starting position. In the beginning, they have the right to move 2 squares.

Check and Checkmate

  • Check: A king is in check when it is directly threatened by a piece belonging to an opponent. For the player to eliminate the check, they must move.
  • Checkmate: The game is over if a player's King is under check, and there isn't a way to remove the check. This situation is known as checkmate.

Objective of the Chess

Checkmating the King of the opposition is the aim of the game of chess. When a king is under attack and unable to move to a safe square, the position is called checkmate.


  • Simply use your mouse click to move your chess pieces. You will see which direction a chess piece can move when you tap on it.

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Master Chess Unblocked