Tennis Masters is an unblocked sports game where you are playing as one of the most renowned tennis players in the world. You will participate in challenging matches. The game offers you multiple mode options. You may join the tournaments or play against the computer in this tennis game! Make your choices and take your place on the tennis court. 🎾

How to Play Tennis Masters

Begin deciding on which famous player you will go to the court with. You will find many players from countries like the USA, Greece, and Belgium. After selecting yours, it’s your turn to determine the opposing side’s player. You can play as a single player or with your friend. Making a tennis duel with a friend can be very joyful! But, a match against the CPU will also not be that easy.

Game Modes in Tennis Masters

You will find three unique modes: Quick Matches, Tournaments, and Friendly Match.

  • Quick Matches: Quick Matches allow you to open a game without dealing with selecting players. Press the “Quick Match” button from the main menu, and the game will automatically create a match for you.
  • Tournaments: You may take part in tournaments. Click on the “1 Player” section and select “Tournament”. Decide on your tennis player and set the difficulty level of the matches. When everything is done, you will see a tournament grid showing how the tournament will progress.
  • Friendly Match: Friendly Match enables you to compete with the computer or a friend in an ordinary match. You have to choose your player before going to the court. May the best man win!

To Make an Ace

The best way to perform an ace is to serve the ball to the other side firmly and direct the ball with good aim. When the rival can’t save the ball or make his racket touch the ball, this is called a successful ace.


Single Player Controls

  • Use the W, A and D keys to move.
  • Use the X key to hit.
  • Use the Z key to smash.

2-Player Controls

Player 1

  • Use the W, A, and D keys to move.
  • Use the V key to hit.
  • Use the B key to smash.

Player 2

  • Use the Left, Right and Upper arrow keys to move.
  • Use the L key to hit.
  • Use the K key to smash.

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Tennis Masters Unblocked

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