Casual Chess is a classical chess game where you learn the basics as a beginner or you can seek to upgrade your skills. 

You will play against the computer, so you have enough time to plan your moves, analyze the board, and decide about the pieces. The board consists of 64 squares with dark and light colors. Each player will have 16 pieces. Each piece has its own way of moving on the board. For example, the king can be placed one square in any direction while the queen moves in any direction 
along straight lines. The main objective is to checkmate the opponent's king. That means you need to create a strategy to attack the other king so he can not escape the next move. If you are still trying to decide what move to do next, you can always press on the hint bottom. The game can end in many ways. If one player checkmates the opponent's king, then it's a win. There can also be a draw by stalemate. That means there is insufficient material on the board to make the checkmate. 

You can choose either white or black for the pieces. The difficulty begins with easy rounds, normal and hard. Also, there is the possibility to choose a different theme for the board.

Become familiar with the chess rules and play to become the master of advanced strategies.

Casual Chess Unblocked