Pets Master Simulator

Pets Master Simulator is an unblocked simulator game where you are responsible for creating your animal team. There are many pet options for you to unlock by breaking eggs. Go to an egg you see on the playground and break it. It will give you a brand new animal. This way you will create your pet gang in this adventure game.

How to Play Pets Master Simulator

You will see that a cute creature called the Pincerdeer follows you when you move your character. It will follow you wherever you go. Use the WASD keys or your joystick to direct your character. Collect the coins with your pet by standing on the coin area for a while. The animal will do the collecting for you. When you have enough money, use it to break an egg. You will have new animals such as Mole Rat and Spiderbat.

Create Your Pet Gang

Eggs are your key elements for you to build a pet gang. Your main aim is to have your animals collect the coins on the field. And then using these coins to get new creatures. There are eggs on platforms. Approach one and stand on the halo. Tap on the coin icon to have a new pet. Cracking eggs is an ultimate joy in this animal game!🥚

Unlock New Islands

There are many kinds of islands. One of them is the Sand Island. You can unlock the map with 5K coins. There is a sandy beach full of chests full of money. Unlocking a new island means you will have the chance to collect more coins. After the Sand Island, Mine Island is waiting for you to unlock it with 110K coins.


You have the chance to teleport to the Shop section with a click! There are icons listed on the left side of the screen. You will see a teleport machine icon there. By using this machine, you can quickly teleport to the shop or other maps you have unlocked. The Shop section offers you areas where you can upgrade yourself and your pets. Checking your discovered animals is also possible in the section.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys - Joystick: Move


Pets Master Simulator was developed by PivDev.

What is More?

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Pets Master Simulator Unblocked