Cat Simulator

Cat Simulator Unblocked

Do you love cats? If so, Cat Simulator is the game for you! This exciting and engaging game places you inside a furry feline! That's right, in Cat Simulator, you play as a cat while doing various missions, collecting gold, and saving to buy more cats. The game features six game modes and allows you to customize your cat room and pet clothing. Let's take a look at the modes and features in more detail:

Cat Stunt Mode places you on an obstacle course in which the cat must jump over stationary or moving hurdles. Each stage becomes more challenging, but beware - touching a hurdle means you immediately fail the level, so be careful! Each level you pass earns more gold, so don't give up!

The Maga XP mode allows you to transform into a cat and run around a field full of gold coins. Each round gives you 45 seconds to run as fast as you can to collect the gold coins before the timer runs out. This is a great way to earn extra gold if there are pets or accessories you want to unlock. 

Cat Simulator's Career Mode comprises 40 fun levels of engaging play. Each level presents you with a task that must be completed. Follow the directions, complete the task, and get rewarded with gold. 

The Destruction Mode is a fan favorite! This game mode features 30 levels of non-stop terror! Run around the house breaking plants, knocking food onto the floor, and more. Simply follow the directions for each level and get rewarded with gold coins for causing damage. 

Maga Kill is another exciting game mode that places you in a wooded area where you are tasked with killing animals you come across. Have fun eliminating squirrels, lobsters, chickens, and more in this timed mode. The more animals you take out, the more gold coins you earn - so run fast!

The Pool Mini Game is a great addition to Cat Simulator! In this mode, you stand on the side of a stream where animals and foods are floating past. It's your mission to only eat foods such as bananas, hamburgers, etc. while avoiding spiders, lobsters, and other animals. You earn gold for every correct catch you make and fail the level if you catch the wrong item!

Cat Simulator is fun and addicting! The games are fast-paced and enjoyable, plus there are lots of cats and clothing accessories to collect, meaning you'll be entertained for hours!

WASD or arrow keys to move
F to attack
Space to jump
Hold left shift to sprint

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