If you love cats, Cat Simulator game will give you the chance to turn into little feline! You will play as a cat while completing various missions, collecting gold, and saving to buy more cats.
We created six game modes where you can customize the cat room and pet clothing. Here are some details about modes and features:

In Cat Stunt Mode, the cat must cross all hurdles to finish. Each stage becomes more challenging, but if it touches a hurdle, you immediately fail the level. Each level you pass hides more gold, so prepare for the challenges.

The Maga XP mode allows your cat to run around a field of gold coins. In each round there will be a timer. You will have 45 seconds to run and to collect the gold coins, so move fast because the timer will not wait. Earn extra gold if there are pets or accessories you want to unlock.

Cat Simulator's Career Mode offers 40 fun levels of engaging play. Every levels comes up with a task, so get ready to complete every mission. Follow the directions, complete the task, explore the city and get rewarded with gold.

The Destruction Mode is a fan favorite! Enjoy the 30 levels and be ready for destruction. Run around the house, breaking plants, knocking food onto the floor, and more. Follow the directions for each level and get rewarded with gold coins for causing damage.

Maga Kill mode takes you in a wooded area where you must eliminate the animals that come in your way. Have fun eliminating squirrels, lobsters, chickens, and more in this timed mode. Get rid of the animals and earn more gold coins you earn.

In the Pool Mini Game mode, you stand on the side of a stream where animals and foods are floating past. The mission is to catch with the paw bananas, apples, pineapple, melons and hamburgers while avoiding spiders, lobsters, and other animals. You will earn gold for every correct catch, but you can fail the level if you catch the wrong item!

Cat Simulator is the perfect game for those who want to see how it is to posses a cat. The various modes and environments will introduce you to the amazing cat world.

WASD or arrow keys to move
F to attack
Space to jump
Hold left shift to sprint

Cat Simulator Unblocked