How colorful do you want your day to be? Exploration Craft is here to provide a wide range of colorful palettes and make your day shine brighter. In a serene atmosphere, on an island, you are able to construct and deconstruct blocks. Let your imagination fly and build castles, fortresses, houses, patios and pools which you can afterwards decorate. Explore your creativity with this Minecraft inspired game and we promise you that you will be rewarded. 

How to play Exploration Craft?

Press keyboards to navigate and explore the island and spacebar to jump. 
Press the left mouse to deconstruct and right mouse to construct. 
E is for inventory and numbers are assigned to build what you have selected. 
Escape or tab in case you want to pause. 

Is there anything to explore underwater?

Of course you can navigate that space as well and plant mushrooms for example. Then, you can climb the blocks and admire your creation from above. 

Exploration Craft Unblocked Game