If you are looking for breakout games like the Atari Breakout, which was a trendy game in your parents' youth, you will love Idle Breakout! It is an unblocked brick breaker game where your main objective is to destroy all the bricks on the field. Eliminate them by clicking on them and earn cash in this way. Use your dollars to get balls. They will help you to break blocks in the arcade game.

Idle Breakout: Modern Brick Breaker Game

There are many blocks on the screen. Each one is waiting for you to break them with clicks. But trying to destroy all the blocks by clicking on them one by one can be a bit tiring. You will earn dollars as you remove them from the field. We recommend you get balls using your cash. They will help you a lot in the process. You can move to the next level when you eliminate all the blocks. But keep in mind that things will get more challenging with each level!

The Increasing Figures of the Blocks

Every block has numbers on it. And the numbers will increase as you level up. In the first level, the blocks have the number 1. It means that to destroy them, you must click once. Or the ball you have must contact the block once. Likewise, at level five, this figure will increase to 5. The higher the number, the more difficult the game becomes!

Balls: Basic, Plasma and Sniper

There are balls that you can get with your in-game currency. Start with acquiring the cheapest one, the Basic ball. A new type of ball appears after every first possession. As you get money, you can purchase the Plasma and the Sniper. These two balls are more potent than the Basic balls. However, the standard ones can help you a lot in the beginning.

Furthermore, you can enhance the features of the balls. The Basic ones have upgradable speed and power. On the other hand, apart from the power feature, the range area of ​​the Plasma balls can be enhanced. Enter the "Upgrades" section to view your options.

Power-Ups of Idle Breakout

As you make progress, you will unlock power-ups. Each level brings you a new kind of booster. They can be used only once. So, if you have one, use them wisely. You can access the Power-Ups from the Upgrades section. We will leave you some of them below with brief explanations of what they are for.

  • Cashed Up: Doubles the money you earn.
  • Click Frenzy: Provides little scatter balls as you click.
  • Demon Core: Creates waves of damage.


Desktops and Computers

  • Left Mouse Button: To Break

Mobile Devices

  • Touchscreen: To Break


Kodiqi developed Idle Breakout.

What's Next?

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Idle Breakout Unblocked