Train your duckling into a racing champion so that you can earn enough money to rebuild your beloved farm! Duck Life is an unblocked arcade game where you must raise your animal in training courses for running contests.

A lone egg has survived a huge tornado that destroyed your farm! Now, it is time to make him an athletic champion to win running races to earn money so you can rebuild your land in this running game.


Train Running

  • Left-Click/Spacebar: Jump

Train Flying

  • Mouse (drag): Change Direction

Train Swimming

  • Up Arrow: Jump
  • Down Arrow: Dive
  • Left/Right Arrows: Move Left and Right

About Duck Life

In Duck Life, your main aim is to grow your duckling into a racer. To do that, you must take part in training courses. You will see stats about your animal's running, flying, swimming and energy levels.

Strive to increase these stats so that your cute little animal gets stronger. Before entering any race, you must be sure of two things. Make sure that your animal has enough energy and a certain level of core ability to win the races.

Participate in Training Courses

This arcade game offers animal training courses in three different categories: running, flying and swimming. Since races generally require using more than one core ability, you must bring your animal to a certain level for each category.

  • Running Training: Jump over the rolling objects on the way by controlling the duckling. Otherwise, he may get smashed under them.
  • Flying Training: Move forward in the air as far as you can by collecting the coins on the way. Try to avoid the clouds, and they will slow you down.
  • Swimming Training: Dodge all the obstacles, such as ships and islands on the sea, by steering the duck. Jump, dive, and move left or right when necessary.

Get Seeds for the Duck

You must nourish your animal sufficiently in this running game. Otherwise, no matter how advanced the animal's skills are, he cannot find the energy to finish the races. Buy seeds for him from the Shop section.

There are two kinds of seeds: the regular Seed and the Skill seed. The first one costs a coin, while the other one costs ten. However, compared to the regular one, the skill seed gives him more energy.


Wix Games developed Duck Life.

What is Next?

You may also try playing Duck Life 4, another version of the game series Duck Life. Make your animal the best runner and be the winner of each race he participates in. Beat the brown duck to get the invitation to the tournament!

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Duck Life Unblocked