Duck Life 4 is an unblocked arcade game where you are responsible for training your little duck in running courses. This way, he develops athletic abilities. You must make him the winner of every running contest he participates in!

Start by customizing your duck before entering the grassland. Additionally, keep in mind that he needs energy from the food intake. Purchase berries for him with the coins you earn from the races.


Running 1

  • Left and Right Arrows: Move
  • Objective: Stay on screen as long as you can.

Running 2

  • Left and Right Arrows: Move
  • Objective: Avoid getting hit by falling objects.

Running 3

  • 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Number Keys: Control the duck
  • Objective: Dodge the obstacles by pressing the relevant numbers.

How to Play Duck Life 4

  • The first thing to do in this arcade game is to create your duck. Pick a color for him among six colors: red, yellow, blue, white, green and brown.
  • Then, choose an eye shape for him among various options. This way, you can give him an angry or happy animal expression.
  • Now it's time to decide on the hairstyle. Our favorite is wind-swept hair. And finally, who said ducks can't have tattoos?
  • You can choose a very cool tattoo for him from here. After all is set, your animal is ready for any kind of race.
  • Let him participate in running training and make him the fastest animal among others!

Three Running Training

Your main objective in this running game is to help your animal get stronger by enhancing his running abilities. You will do that by making him participate in the three running courses. Each course comes with different tasks. We will give you a brief information about them below!

  • Running Training 1: Move underground as far as you can by jumping into the holes. The more you stay on screen, the more your ability will level up!
  • Running Training 2: Dodge the falling objects by moving the animal left and right. Run away from the warning signs.
  • Running Training 3: Jump through the rock obstacles by pressing the relevant number key you see on them.

Beat the Brown Duck

To participate in tournament races, you need to get an invite from the brown duck near the shop. If you can win him in a race, he promises to give you the necessary invite. However, it will not be easy! So, train your cute animal in the training courses hard to beat him up.


Wix Games developed Duck Life 4.

What is More?

If you enjoy playing Duck Life 4, you may also want to take a look at Duck Life 4 Flash. It is the previous version of the game developed with Flash. The objective is the same: train your duck and make him the winner runner!

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Duck Life 4 Unblocked