Choose your favorite genetically modified duck from four unique options and set off for thrilling running races! Duck Life 3 is an unblocked arcade game where you will train your genetically modified duckling's core athletic abilities.

When he reaches a certain level of power, it is his turn to win races one by one. Start from the Amateur league. Pave your way for the finals in this running game. Complete the races of the Professional League and be the champion duck!


Running Training

  • Left-Click or Spacebar: Jump

Swimming Training

  • Up Arrow: Jump
  • Down Arrow: Dive
  • Left Arrow: Move Left
  • Right Arrow: Move Right

Flying Training

  • Mouse (drag): Change Direction

Climbing Training

  • Left and Right Arrows: Climb in Canyon

How to Play Duck Life 3

  • This time, things get a little more challenging! In Duck Life 3, your objective is the same as in the previous versions of this popular arcade game series.
  • Train your duck and help him become the champion racer in running contests.
  • Participate in amateur training and level up his running, flying, climbing and swimming skills. You will start racing in the Amateur League.
  • Advanced and Professional leagues follow this league. Can you make it to the Professional League?

Modified Ducks: Strength or Athletic?

Before entering the Amateur League, you must choose a genetically modified duck among your four options. Each comes with varying features and something that stands out. For example, the Strength Type has climbing skills with an A grade. On the other hand, the Flying Type has a master's in flying skills with an A+ grade. View their stats and make your selection according to their pros and cons!

  • Strength Type: Running: B, Swimming: B, Climbing: A, Flying: C
  • Athletic Type: Running: A, Swimming: A, Climbing: C, Flying: C
  • Flying Type: Running: C, Swimming: B, Climbing: C, Flying: A+
  • Swimming Type: Running: C, Swimming: A+, Climbing: C, Flying: B

Races: Qualifiers and Finals

There are three leagues in this arcade game: Amateur League, Advanced League and Professional League. Each league takes place in a different location, and the races are divided into two groups. You must be the winner of the Qualifier and Final races to declare the championship!


Wix Games developed Duck Life 3.

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Duck Life 3 Unblocked