If you manage to be the champion racer, you will get the precious golden crown! Duck Life 2 is an unblocked arcade game in which your main objective is to grow your baby duckling into a champion racer.

To do so, you must help him develop his core athletic abilities: running, swimming, flying and climbing. This time, you should also focus on his climbing ability in this running game!


Running Training

  • Left-Click or Spacebar: Jump

Swimming Training

  • Up Arrow: Jump
  • Down Arrow: Dive
  • Left and Right Arrows: Move Left and Right

Flying Training

  • Mouse (drag): Change Direction

Climbing Training

  • Left and Right Arrows: Move Forward in Canyon

Duck Life 2 Overview

Welcome to the second version of the popular Duck Life game series! Your objective is the same as the previous game. Enhance your baby duckling's core skills to make him the champion racer in the running contests.

Become the champion racer and claim the precious golden crown! Enhance his skills by participating in training courses. Compared to the first game, what is different here is that climbing skills have been added!

Race Central: Scotland, England and More

After leveling up your duck's abilities, you are ready to compete in the races. You will start with racing in Scotland! There are three races here to accomplish. If you manage to win each race, you will go to England. The final location is Japan. Let's see if you can get there!

  • Scotland
  • England
  • Egypt
  • Hawaii
  • Japan

Climbing Training

The climbing training is new in this version of the popular arcade game. In the course, your animal will find himself in a gray canyon. The little animal needs to climb as much as he can in the canyon to level up his climbing skills.

To do that, press the left and right arrow keys to jump between each side of the canyon. You may fall behind and lose if you get stuck on the ledges! Avoid the obstacles on your way and try to stay on the screen with all your might.


Wix Games developed Duck Life 2.

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Duck Life 2 Unblocked