Your baby duckling is getting ready to go into space! Duck Life Space is an unblocked arcade game where you prepare your little animal for outer space's harsh conditions.

To do that, you must make him participate in training, as you do in all the Duck Life game series! Help him become one of the strongest astronaut ducks on Earth. Who knows? Maybe you'll even reach the moon and Mars in this adventure game.


Desktops and Laptops

Running 1

  • Left-Click or Spacebar: Flip Gravity

Swimming 1

  • Arrow Keys: Swim

Flying 1

  • Left and Right Arrows: Fly Left and Right
  • You may also drag your mouse to fly.

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to direct the animal.

Overview of Duck Life Space

The aliens heard that you are the world champion in racing. And they came to steal your golden crown from miles away. They took it and fled to outer space. Now, you must go there and get your precious golden crown back from their hands!

Before leaving Earth, you must join NASA's training program to strengthen your skills. Also, you need to beat the yellow duck to participate in the tournament in this arcade game!

Training Program of NASA

Your animal has gone crazy after his golden crown was stolen, and he decided to fly to space. To get there, he must take classes in NASA's training program and build his core skills. There is a new skill: Intelligence!

There are six skills to level up, including energy level. As you play the minigames, his skill levels will go up. When you get enough power, maybe you will be able to reach space.

NASA's Training Program consists of:

  • Running 1
  • Swimming 1
  • Flying 1

The Intelligence Skill

In this version of Duck Life, the Intelligence skill welcomes you! It is about how fast your animal can teleport between portals. The main skills still maintain their place. Below, we will leave you the names of the skills you must focus on!

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Climbing
  • Jumping
  • Flying
  • Intelligence
  • Energy


Wix Games developed Duck Life Space.

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Duck Life Space Unblocked