This time, baby ducks are at the boiling point. They want battle. Forget racing! Duck Life Battle is an unblocked arcade game where you train your duck and defeat rivals by getting various weapons offering you special attacks.

This seventh version of the Duck Life calls you to train your animal’s specific features and make him ready for the battles. Go to the training dojo and start leveling up his survival and defense skills in this action game!


  • Left-Click: To move, fight and interact
  • You can find the controls of the minigames in-game.

About Duck Life Battle

  • Begin by creating your duck according to your own taste! This adventure game offers you 20 vivid and unique colors to pick for him.
  • Then, it’s time to decide on his hairstyle. There are extremely cool hairstyles here, such as braids or windswept hair.
  • Feel free to choose whichever you want. Give him a name after setting his eye shapes and colors, and you are all set to enter the game map.
  • You will find yourself in the Farm. There are ducks here who want to fight with you. But before entering any battles, find the training dojo!

Enter the Farm Dojo

You must find the training dojo before battling with any of the ducks with a red exclamation mark. To move on the farm, use your mouse click. When you tap somewhere, he will go to the point where you click on.

When entering the dojo, you will be given five different training courses. You must participate in each of them to make your animal a stronger warrior. If any of his abilities are below average, he can easily be outdone by others!

Defense, Health and More

Your animal has five skills that need strengthening. They are defense, health, power, special attack and speed. Increasing the level of all these skills will make him invincible in this action game. You can train him up to level 20 at the Farm Dojo. After the Farm, there are the Forest, Mountains, Desert, Swamp and City to unlock as new locations.

  • Defense: Take less damage from other ducks.
  • Health: To have more hit points in the battles.
  • Power: Give more damage to the rivals.
  • Special: Charge the special attack meter faster.
  • Speed: Perform attacks faster.


Duck Life Battle was developed by Wix Games.

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Duck Life Battle Unblocked