You have a huge naval fleet, and you have to protect it from your enemy! Battleship War is an online board game where you decipher the place of your opponent's fleet and try to sink them deep into the ocean. Meanwhile, your enemy will also try to guess the location of your fleet and send missiles. Hide your fleet well while destroy your opponent's fleet!

What is Battleship War?

Battleship War is a web browser game where the player tries to find and destroy the opponent's fleet, carefully hidden in open waters. While doing this, the player must track the ships well. They can do this by estimating the length and width of the ships in the opponent's fleet and shooting the relevant areas in the sea.

How to Play Battleship War Unblocked

Once the game is opened, you can now send missiles to the other side. A strategy panel will open in front of you, and you will see the coordinates here. Drag the arrow to a specific location on the panel, and a missile will be sent. When you fire a shot and hit a ship from your opponent's fleet, you will see an explosion on the screen and debris left behind. Based on this wreckage, trace the ship's position and shoot the entire hull of the ship.

Game Modes in Battleship War

Start with choosing your game mode! Battleship War offers you two different game mode options: Classic and Advanced.

  • Classic Mode: Before starting to play the game in the Classic mode, you are expected to place your naval fleet in the grid area given to you carefully and in a strategically well-planned manner. The better you disguise your ships, the harder it will be for your enemy! You can change the direction of your ships by using the direction change button on the right and placing them that way, or you can press the button at the top to have the game place your ships randomly.
  • Advanced Mode: In Advanced mode, the course of the game is just like the Classic mode, but here, you have the chance to use 2 power-ups with the points you collect. Since the plane costs half as much and can hit five squares at once, it is generally a better power-up to employ early in the game than the sonar.


  • Use your mouse click to send missiles and eliminate the fleet of your rival.
Battleship War Unblocked