Duck Life 4 Flash

Duck Life 4 Flash is an unblocked running game where you train your duck to compete more effectively against other ducks. You must guide your adorable duck through various training exercises, including running.

Otherwise, he may fall behind his rivals in the races he participates in. Additionally, don’t forget to take food for him to increase his energy levels in this arcade game! Keep in mind that you must enhance not only his running skills but also his climbing, flying, swimming and jumping abilities.


Speed Training

  • Left and Right Arrows: Move

Endurance Training

  • Left and Right Arrows: Move

Reactions Training

  • 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Number Keys: Dodge Obstacles

Duck Life 4 Flash Overview

  • You must train your duck well in the training to make him the best runner in the Grassland and many other locations.
  • To win the races and beat Frank the Fire Duck, which reigns supreme, he needs to improve his core skills: Climbing, Flying, Running, Swim, Energy and Jumping.
  • He must take part in training for each skill to advance them. Try to create the most powerful duck on earth!
  • If you can get him to level 10, your animal can even participate in tournaments in this running game.

Participate in Training Programme

He must participate in the training program to enhance your duck’s core abilities. This program has three mini-games: Speed, Endurance and Reactions. You will be subjected to a different task in each training part.

  • Speed Training: Strive to jump into the holes and stay on the screen.
  • Endurance Training: Avoid falling objects by controlling the duck.
  • Reactions Training: Dodge the obstacles on the road by pressing the relevant number keys.

Get an Invite for the Tournament

You must get an invite to take part in the tournament. If you defeat the brown duck standing near the Shop in a race, he will invite you to the tournament. But he only accepts to compete with ducks level 10 or above.

Get New Ducks and Outfits

You will earn money from training, races and tournaments. Use them to unlock new ducks or get new outfits for your current ducks, like hats or haircuts. Our favorite hat in the shop section is the Fez. You can unlock it for 100 dollars.


Wix Games developed this arcade game.

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Duck Life 4 Unblocked