Learn To Fly is an unblocked arcade game where you try to help a penguin, a flightless bird, to go up to the clouds. He is fed up with spending time on the ground. This cute penguin has researched on the net and decided to learn how to fly. You are responsible for steering him in the air in this skill game!🐧

How to Play Learn To Play

You are somewhere in Antarctica. A penguin tries to find an article on penguins on the net. He learns that penguins are birds that can not fly. He gets furious when he reads the flightless bird line. At that moment, he decides he will learn to fly in one way or another. He will astonish the whole world by learning it. Your job? When he jumps from an icy ramp, you will adjust his angle using the left and right arrow keys. In this way, you should make him move as far as possible in the arcade game.

The Icy Ramp

Our cute penguin will throw himself down an icy ramp. When he reaches the jumping point, you must make him hit the water with his belly fast enough to bounce back up. It will travel on water using this method. By adjusting the angle, you will make him move as far as he can. The more he moves forward, the more money he will get!

Use the Research Funds

  • His attempts to fly will earn him research funds. The best way to use this money is to increase the ramp height and acceleration and decrease the air resistance.
  • The more the icy ramp is high above the sea level, the more distance he can make.
  • Increasing the acceleration rate is very important to make him float in the air further.
  • When this bird is in the air, he will be exposed to air resistance. Reducing the effect of this resistance will also be good for him!

Gliders and Rockets

Getting a glider and rocket will enable him to perform longer flights. Gliding will give your penguin more steering control. You will enter the red zone when you reach a certain speed while trying to fly with a glider. In this zone, you will lose your speed very quickly. You must avoid gliding for longer in the zone. On the other hand, when you get a rocket, activate it by pressing the Space key. It will give the penguin an extra boost.


  • Left-Right Arrow Keys: Adjust the Angle
  • Spacebar: Boost


Learn To Fly was developed by Light Bringer.

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Learn To Fly Unblocked