Learn To Fly 2 is an unblocked arcade game where you try to help the little penguin fly over the icy ramps in Antarctica again! It is the second version of the original game Learn To Fly.

As you know, this penguin is a flightless bird trying to learn to fly. In this version of the arcade game, continue to help him soar in the air! Try to take the longest path on the glaciers.

Basics of Learn To Fly 2

  • You are somewhere in Antarctica, once again. In the previous chapter, he was furious when he learned he is a flightless bird species.
  • This penguin hurt himself while trying to fly. Now, he has opened his eyes in a hospital with his broken legs.
  • But he is decisive. He will learn to fly in one way or another! Your main objective in this arcade game is to help him soar and glide through the air.
  • Try to cover the longest distance in each attempt. Don't forget to get help from sleds, gliders, and thrusters with your money!
  • Additionally, you can challenge yourself with specific tasks from the Challenges section. These tasks will earn you more money!
  • Earning medals will get you bonus points. Use your points in the Bonus Shop, where you will find various tools that give you strength, such as Genuine Phoenix Feather and Turbo.

Jump off the Glacier

After discharge from the hospital, the penguin researched the flying methods for dummies from various books. He found himself at the top of the glacier again with what he learned. Make him cover the longest distance when he jumps off the glacier.

Give him directions by using the left and right arrow keys. The further he goes, the more money he will earn from each attempt. This time, he has the tools to break the walls of ice in front of him!

Open the Catalogs

Click on the catalogs from the menu to get sleighs, gliders, boosters, and payloads. These tools will enable you to move faster, take longer distances, and more powerfully break down the ice walls that the penguin encounters.

Use the money you earn from flying to get these tools. They will help you make a lot of progress. You can also increase the ramp length, ramp height, and fuel capacity.


  • Left-Right Arrow Keys: Adjust the Angle
  • Spacebar: Boost


Light Bringer developed the Learn To Fly 2.

What is More?

If you haven't tried the original version of this game, follow the link to play Learn To Fly. Steer this little penguin up to the clouds, and he will show the world that penguins can fly, too!

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Learn To Fly 2 Unblocked