This time, your little penguin is in Penguin NASA! Learn To Fly 3 is an unblocked arcade game, which is the third version of the original game Learn To Fly. In the game, you will help the penguin reach the moon.

Make the penguin fly through the air. But this time towards the moon! Let's see if you can cross the world borders in this arcade game. Building your spaceship can help you a lot in achieving this task.

About Learn To Fly 3

In Learn To Fly 2, the penguin succeeded in flying. This success brought him worldwide fame. He gets hundreds of emails from many people every day. However, he got very frustrated when he saw that one email.

Someone wrote to him that he could not fly to the moon. Now, he has a new goal: reaching the moon! Help him build his spaceship step by step with the information from Penguin NASA. Keep trying until he sees the stars!

Get a Coil!

The first thing to do in this arcade game is to get a launcher. This launcher will help the penguin to soar into the sky. Initially, you will be able to get the coil from the launcher section.

The spring will stretch and launch the penguin into space with all its power. Keep in mind that as you earn money, you can upgrade your launcher or get new ones such as Slingshot or Nuclear Reactor.

Stages and Boosts

You can also get stages and boosts to help you fly higher altitudes. Stages like Balloon and Rocket will accelerate the penguin. On the other hand, boosters will help the penguin as auxiliary tools.

For example, getting the Fins as a boost will increase the speed and steering ability of our cute animal. However, don't forget that the launcher is the powerhouse of the spaceship! We recommend that you focus your investment on the launcher.

Tips for Learn To Fly 3

  • Acquiring stages and boosts will benefit you more than the upgrades.
  • Getting stages rather than boosts will save you money.
  • When the stages and boosts are depleted, the penguin will get lighter.
  • Visiting the Bonus Shop will enable you to get permanent upgrades.


  • W: Boost
  • S: Brake
  • A: Turn Left
  • D: Turn Right
  • 1-4 Number Keys: Boost 1-4
  • Enter: Ready/Abort


Learn To Fly 3 was developed by Light Bringer.

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Learn To Fly 3 Unblocked