Bricks and Balls is an unblocked two player game where you try to eliminate all the colorful bricks on the playing field. To do that, you must master navigating the ball using the bottom layer. You can give direction to the ball by hitting it with the layer. Break all the blocks and unlock new levels in one of the most challenging arcade games!

How to Play Bricks and Balls

You have three mode options in this brick breaker game: 1P, 2P and the Endless mode. Your main aim in each mode is to break all the vibrant blocks you see on the field. You will do that by sending the ball from the layer and giving it direction. The ball will hit the blocks and eliminate every one of them it touches. You can also use the gray walls to control. Remember to take the power-ups falling from above!

The Basic Rules

  • 1P Mode: There is a leveling system in the 1P. You must destroy all the bricks to pass a level. You have three lives. If you fail to catch the ball with the layer, you will lose one of them.
  • 2P Mode: You can challenge your buddy in the 2P. There are two playing fields with two layers. To win the game, one of you must remove all the bricks by sending the ball properly to them. The one who gets the five stars wins the brick duel! There is no live restriction.
  • Endless Mode: The Endless is also a single-player mode. But things are different when compared to the 1P. You have no life restrictions here, too. There is also no leveling system. Just you, bricks and balls. You will see unique brick shapes.

Multiply the Balls

In each mode, you will see power-ups falling on the field. Collect them as they help you to make progress in the game. They will multiply the number of balls you have, allowing you to wipe out more blocks than you can with only one ball. You will also see heart-shaped power-ups in the 1P. They will bring you the lives you have lost.


1 Player

  • Left and Right Arrow Keys: Steer the layer

2 Player

Player 1 (left side)

  • A and D Keys: Steer the layer

Player 2 (right side)

  • Left and Right Arrow Keys: Steer the layer


Bricks and Balls was developed by neplingamestudio.

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Bricks and Balls Unblocked