Fire and Water game will test your coordination and reflexes as you manipulate two opposite elements to reach the portal. The mission is to guide the balls of fire and water around obstacles to collect stars and make their way to the finish line. It would help if you made the balls work together to overcome challenges and solve puzzles.

The fire ball is immune to fire and can move to flames (using ASDW keys), while the water ball can move through water (using arrow keys). The game is set in a mystical temple with 30 levels of dangers and traps. Each level requires the players to work together, creating an excellent strategy to succeed and learn new ways to win.
You will become captivated as both extremes must use their special abilities to cross various terrains. Don't forget being a  team is most important because it is easier to complete the levels when you get the help of somebody.

Whether you play alone or with a friend, this game will provide a lot of fun in Fire and Water.

- WASD and arrow keys to control

Fire and Water Unblocked