Duck Life Adventure

Duck Life Adventure is an unblocked adventure game where you must help your duck become an adventurer like Marco! Marco is the champion racer, and your little animal wants to be like him.

You will help him to escape from home and go to Egg Island to train himself in dojos. Dory will welcome you there and guide you throughout this RPG game. Increase his core skills and engage in battles and races!


  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: To Move
  • Mouse: To interact

What is Duck Life Adventure?

Duck Life Adventure is the sixth version of the famous Duck Life game series. It was released on June 22nd, 2020. This arcade game offers its players 16 training minigames to deal with. These minigames will enhance the duckling’s core abilities. They will make him ready for battles and races.

How to Play Duck Life Adventure

Start with designing your duck by picking up a color and hairstyle for him. Then, you will be in the living room watching the interview with Marco. The interview impresses your animal so much that it sets out to become an adventurer, too.

However, his mother does not approve of him becoming an adventurer. So, he decides to run away from home and finds himself on Quack Street. Interact with other duckies on the road, as they may lead you to Egg Island! Go and find the sewer drain.

Go to Egg Island

After jumping into the sewer drain, you are in Egg Island now! Dory welcomes you there. He is an experienced animal and will guide you in this arcade game. There are two bridges on the Island: Battle Town and Race Town.

You must choose your path among your two options. But keep in mind that eventually, you will go to both towns! Before battling or racing with anyone, ensure that you have enough strength to resist the harsh conditions.

Training Dojos

In Race Town, you will come across many dojos. They will help you to level up your core adventurer skills and become powerful. Visit each of the dojos and participate in various training.

The master trainers in the dojos will test your skills to the utmost to strengthen you. We have left the names of the skills that need to be improved below for you.

  • Strength
  • Jumping
  • Swimming
  • Special
  • Speed
  • Health
  • Flying
  • Endurance


Wix Games developed Duck Life Adventure.

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