Angry Plants Defense

Angry Plants Defense is an unblocked tower defense game where you try to defend your garden from ugly creatures trying to invade your land. Plant the seeds of the deadly plants on your land and watch the flowers combat with the creatures. Do not let them cross the cannons. Strategically place the flowers and enjoy defending your land at all costs!

How to Play Angry Plants Defense

Before battling, you will see a "Plants Table," which has different kinds of flowers. Each flower has features of a power booster and a soul booster. View the characteristics of each flower by clicking on it. You are ready for the battle when you add the flowers you want to defend your lands with to your inventory. You can place these flowers on your land by using your mouse. Let's dive into the world of the angry plants! 🌻

  • As you level up, the area you need to protect will expand further. So, the attacks will spread over a wider area.
  • To place a flower, hold the flower you want to plant and drag it to the desired area.
  • Collect the green beams on the game screen, as they will allow you to plant more flowers. These beams are soul fragments of destroyed creatures.
  • Cannons can only fire once. If a creature manages to pass a cannon, the game will be over.

Plants Table

  • Sun Flower: Absorbs the energy of creatures and makes them weak.
  • Bow Flower: Collects its power for a while and then shoots arrows. Planting a bow flower near the cannons is more beneficial as it is not for close combat.
  • Cross Bow Flower: Shoots arrows faster than bow flowers.
  • Bell Flower Gunner: It is a flower firing a single bullet.
  • Dual Bell Flower: Fires double bullets at medium speed.

Boost the Power of Plants

There are many power-ups at your disposal in the Shops section. You can use these boosters to make your plants more durable. Power boosters and soul boosters will give your plants tremendous power and attack speed. Revive a destroyed cannon with a soul cannon for added protection. To use the boosters, select the purchased items under the Plants Table before going to battle.

  • Holy Shield
  • Halo Ring
  • Soul Cannon
  • Power Booster
  • Soul Booster
  • Body Bomb


  • Use your mouse to plant the angry flowers to defend your land.

What is More?

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For more options, you may look up other unblocked strategy games at Unblocked Games FreezeNova. If you want to share your gaming experience, we are waiting for you in the comments section!

Angry Plants Defense Unblocked