Neighborhood Defense

Neighborhood Defense is an unblocked tower defense game where you battle against the relentless zombie waves by placing towers. However, you must strategically place the defense towers as each of them has unique features.

Do not let any of the zombies run away until the waves end. Strive to save your beloved neighborhood from the walking dead in this strategy game! Defend your streets throughout 32 challenging stages.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Mouse: To Place Towers

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to place towers.

Basics of Neighborhood Defense

  • Zombies are trying to invade your neighborhood, and you cannot watch them capture the streets!
  • You must develop a strategy and defend your territory with all your might. So how can you do this? By building towers!
  • You have four unique towers to place in specific areas in the neighborhood. Their names are Archer Tower, Bomber Tower, Sniper Tower, and Magic Tower.
  • Your main objective in this tower defense game is strategically placing these towers to defeat all the zombies trying to invade the streets!
  • However, keep in mind that if 15 zombies manage to escape from the attacks of the towers, you must restart the level!

Archer Tower or Magic Tower?

This strategy game offers you four towers to build. When you place these towers on specific areas in the map, they will automatically start to attack the invaders. However, you should not build the towers in random places. Because all these towers have different attack features. We will leave you a brief explanation of the towers below!

  • Archer Tower: It has archers on it. The archers have precise shooting abilities at both ground and flying enemies.
  • Bomber Tower: Launches bombs to the ground enemies. It has a significant damage rate within the explosion radius.
  • Sniper Tower: This tower has a soldier with a sniper rifle who attacks the enemies at a distance. It can defeat both the ground and flying enemies.
  • Magic Tower: It casts a magical ball that creates a severe impact on the ground and aerial enemies.

Use Your Upgrade Points

As you survive from the waves, you will earn upgrade points. You can enhance your towers’ features by using your upgrade points from the “Upgrade” section. You can upgrade each tower to level 5. This way, you can enable your towers to perform more powerful attacks.

  • Damage
  • Fire Rate
  • Attack Speed
  • Range
  • Target
  • Accuracy


QKY Games Studio developed the Neighborhood Defense.

What is Next?

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Neighborhood Defense Unblocked