Bloons Tower Defense 3

Bloons Tower Defense 3 is an unblocked strategy game where you are responsible for protecting your tower from red balloons. They will try to invade your tower by moving on the track. You must stop them. Plant stuff on the track in a way that does not allow any balloon to reach the exit point in this tower defense game!🎈

How to Play Bloons Tower Defense 3

There are four tracks with curved roads at your disposal. Begin with deciding on which track you will defend your land. You will see the stuff section on the right side of the screen. You must get weapons to plant on the route so the balloons cannot slip through. If they manage to reach the final point, you will lose your live counts! In addition, remember that you can set your preferred difficulty level: Easy, Medium and Hard.

Start Round!

The most important thing to achieve success in this defense game is to place your weapons in a well-thought-out way. You should put the weapon strategically so that there is no room for the balloons to escape. You can place more than one stuff as long as you can afford them. You can find some of our favorite stuff below.

  • Spike-o-pult: It launches a giant, spiky ball that pops all the balloons. You can upgrade its range, speed and multi-shot. It can be unlocked with 510 credits.
  • Boomerang: It throws a boomerang, which is returnable when it is thrown. It will pop them at once when it gets in contact with the balloons. With an upgrade, it can throw glaives. You can unlock it with 440 credits.
  • Cannon: It launches a bomb that explodes when the balloons get on its radar. You can upgrade its range, and the bombs can be turned into missiles. You have the option to unlock it with 615 credits.

Curved Tracks

You have four unique tracks, and each comes with different terrains. You can land your stuff on a tranquil meadow road or place them under the ground. On the other hand, you have the option to choose the industrial factory or the icy path. The choice is yours!


  • Mouse: Place stuff


Bloons Tower Defense 3 was developed by Ninja Kiwi.

What is More?

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Bloons Tower Defense 3 Unblocked