Stick Hero Mighty Tower Wars

Stick Hero Mighty Tower Wars is an unblocked action game where you engage in melee battles with your tiny hero. Your main job is to save the princess by defeating the red creatures. You must act according to the numerical score to fight with them. Observe the numbers well and achieve success in one of the most enjoyable stickman games!

How to Play Stick Hero Mighty Tower Wars

You will see two towers when you enter the battlefield. One of them is yours, the blue one. And the other belongs to the red opponents. Your task is to attack them individually and capture their tower, leaving no one behind. As you progress floor by floor, you will see that the tower's height gradually decreases. You will see that their tower turns blue when you eliminate each enemy. Keep doing it until you declare victory!

  • By defeating enemies, you will get coins and purple diamonds. Use your earned coins to buy new skins for your stick character.
  • You may also engage in battles in the Arena mode. Increase your character's number score with your coins to defeat foes in the mode.
  • You will unlock new funny characters when you advance to certain levels in Arena mode. View them from the Skin section.

Observe Numbers

You are not allowed to attack enemies randomly. Otherwise, you can lose the game. There are more powerful opponents on the floors than you. You can understand this by viewing the numbers they have. They can beat you in seconds if their number scores are bigger than yours. Begin with battling with the ones whose numbers are lower than yours.

Add Their Numbers to Yours

When you defeat enemies, their number scores will be added to your score, increasing your fighting power. In this way, you will be able to fight with more powerful opponents. Remember to move strategically. Move forward by adding scores to yourself. You need to increase your score as much as you can to reach the last floor and save the princess.

Be Aware of the Weapons

While moving forward in their tower, you will encounter many weapons. Some will increase your fighting power, while others will decrease it. Like you do with foes, advance by considering the numbers of these weapons. They will enable you to remove red creatures with more force.


  • Mouse: Move
  • Left-Click: Attack
  • Touchscreen: for Mobile Devices


Stick Hero Mighty Tower Wars was developed by Rocket Studio.

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Stick Hero Mighty Tower Wars Unblocked