Awesome Pirates

Awesome Pirates is an unblocked gun game where you try to protect your fortress on a remote island from greedy pirates. They have heard that there is a precious treasure in your fortress. And they are on the road to your island now. Don't let them capture your fortress no matter what in this action game!

How to Play Awesome Pirates

You saw awesome pirates when you looked towards the sea with your binoculars while enjoying your drink on the beach. They have heard the news that there is a treasure on the island. They are coming after it. They will attack your fortress with all their might. You must defend your sanctuary. Fire on their ship to sink it. Mastering the art of precise aiming will earn you great coins in the pirate game!

Aim on Their Cannon

You will see the bad guys approaching you on the sea. Like your fortress, they have their cannons on their ship. You will take turns shooting at each other. Whoever reaches zero health first loses. Keep in mind that if you shoot on their cannon, they cannot shoot you in that turn because they will be busy fixing them.

Upgrade the Fortress and Cannon

You will earn coins once you eliminate them one by one by firing your cannon on them. Use these coins to enforce your fortress and weapon. In later levels, the pirates will increase in number and become more robust to defeat. You can add new cannons, get an advanced fortress or strengthen your weapons by upgrading them.

Getting New Cannons

You will see seven unique cannons in the upgrade section. Each of them has different kinds of powers to offer. You can find the Shotgun, Basic, Chain-shot, Sniper Rifle, Angry, Explosive, and Controlled Explosion. We leave you detailed information below for our three favorite ones.

  • Sniper Rifle: It allows you to shoot with much more precision by enabling you to perform pinpoint shots. Unlockable with 2200 coins.
  • Explosive: You will witness some fireworks with this cannon. It will fire up skyrockets on the pirates. Let the show begin! Unlockable with 3600 coins.
  • Angry: It will send furious cannonballs. We don't know why they are so angry. But this anger causes absolute destruction. Unlockable with 3000 coins.


  • Mouse: Aim
  • Left-click: Shoot


Awesome Pirates was developed by Alexander Gette.

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