Siegius is an unblocked strategy game where you train your soldiers and send them to war taking place in Roman times. As Caesar, the commander of the Roman Legion, you will give commands to your fighters. They will battle with the enemies until the last drop of their blood. You must make strategic choices to win the battle in this defense game!

How to Play Siegius

In the beginning, you will engage in battles in the shoes of Caesar. Your archenemy will be the Vercing of the Gallic Tribes. His soldiers are way stronger than your troops regarding offense power but lack your defense and spell force! So, create the best strategy using the means at hand and send your fighters to the battlefield to win the war. They are ready to do everything they can for you.

Enter the Battlefield

  • Axe-wielding men will flock to your area from across the map.
  • Your job is to select the soldiers you will send on enemies by placing them on the battlefield using your mouse.
  • The most basic unit is the legionary swordsmen. They are excellent in close combat.
  • As you progress, you will unlock the defenders who resist damage.
  • The third type of soldier is the archer. They are capable of ranged arrows but weak against melee.
  • These are the soldiers you can use in the first stage. You will unlock many others in the following stages. Let's see what awaits you.

The Famous Commanders

You have three commander options to select before entering the battlefield. Your choices are Caesar from the Roman Legion, Vercing from the Gallic Tribes and Boaretheus from the Boarathians. You can find some detailed information about them below.

  • The Roman Legion: They are good at melee, ranged and magic attacks in a war. Their offense power is 4/10, defense power is 6/10, and spell power is 5/10.
  • The Gallic Tribes: They are advanced in melee attacks. But they lack magic and technological forces. Their offense power is 7/10, defense power is 4/10, and spell power is 3/10. You can unlock the tribe when you complete Stage 5.
  • The Boarathian Tribes: They are the most aggressive and protective tribe. They have no spell force. But their offense power is 8/10, and defense power is 9/10.


  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move the map
  • Mouse Click: To place the soldiers


Siegius was created by Juice-Tin and Mike Sleva.

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Siegius Unblocked