State io Wars is an unblocked strategy game where you give commands to your troops and conquer new lands. Your most significant task is to take both the neutral areas and the opponent's areas in your control. Send your forces to these areas and make them conquer the map in this way. You will achieve success in this action game by defeating all of your opponent's troops.

How to Play State io Wars

  • You will see a huge map divided into smaller pieces with different colors.
  • The blue areas are your lands. The red ones belong to your opponent. The gray areas are neutral, waiting to be captured by any of you.
  • Your job is to eliminate the troops of your rival one by one. To do that, you must take into consideration the numbers you see on the map.
  • These numbers indicate that to capture an area, you must send as many troops as the number written in that area.

Don't Get Too Thin!

As you send your troops to a specific region, the number of soldiers in your area will decrease. This decrease can weaken you if you do not act strategically. Defending the remaining regions is as important as gaining new areas by attacking. From time to time, leaving several soldiers behind to defend captured areas can be good. Otherwise, you will be open to attacks.

New Soldiers

When you acquire land, it will start to generate new soldiers, which will strengthen your power. Before attacking a land of hostile forces, capturing new areas and increasing your soldiers' number will benefit you. This strategy is advantageous on maps where enemy forces outnumber your troops. Try to balance the numbers before any attack.

Enhance your Troops' Power

As you defeat hostile forces, you will get coins. Use these coins to upgrade your army's power from the main menu. Three upgrades are available: Attack Speed, Soldier Number and Volume of Coins. Getting boosts on these features will bring your army tremendous power.

  • Attack Speed: Increases the attack speed of your soldiers.
  • Soldier Number: Raises the number of soldiers.
  • Volume of Coins: The number of coins you earn goes up.


  • Left-Click (drag): Send Troops
  • Touchscreen: for Mobile Devices


State io Wars was developed by FreezeNova.

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